What’s in the bag? (1)

Clearly I’m a bit bored, however, ideas born from boredom are not necessarily a bad thing, although this one might very well be. I have a Head tote bag, it cost me £1 and it’s just right for vinyl, so, here is a new thing called, “What’s in the bag?” Here is the bag in question:


And inside the bag today is……………………………………………………….

IMAG0454 IMAG0455

That’s right, The Stranglers IV, which it wasn’t, it was their first album and it was called ‘Rattus Norvegicus’, ornery buggers The Stranglers are, but this is a brilliant début, released in April 1977. I have a copy already but it is completely knackered so I bought another for £3.50 on Saturday.

Yes it’s sexist, misogynistic perhaps and a bit nasty here and there, well, starting the album with the lyric “Someday I’m gonna smack your face”, to a girlfriend does set the tone a bit, but if you can get past that the songs have a drive about them, a griminess, they are, as they were later to write, nice and sleazy. Give it a listen if you never have, or listen again if it’s been a while:


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