Record Store Day


Yesterday was Record Store Day here in the UK, and I did pop into town to Head, and I did buy 4 albums. None of which were special record store day releases as there was only one I wanted and I had no chance of getting it without queuing from 7am, and I didn’t want it THAT much. I did think about getting ALiFE pt.1.and pt.2 by P.I.L but it was £38 and I felt that was a little steep. There was also: ENNIO MORRICONE/MY NAME IS NOBODY but that was also too expensive, £28 if I remember rightly.

If I bought singles then there were a couple I might have been interested in, but I don’t buy them, not nowadays anyway.

I thought Head did a good job of things, there was a lot of vinyl there are the shop was busy. It was nicely displayed and I found a couple of new things to buy, so all good. In general though, I don’t need a special day for buying vinyl as I buy it anyway, but the more people that do start buying it, the more the cost will come down, at least I hope so.