Storage is an issue

IMAG0834_20150517190653521When I bought a replacement turntable last year I didn’t really have anywhere sensible to put it, so I dragged an old shelf unit from the back of the garage, where it had been doing a great job of allowing various bits of crap that I should have thrown away to sit on it. I now think I should pay a visit to IKEA or somewhere to sort out the overflow problem I seem to be having, the problem is evident in the picture.

I know there all sorts of lovely bespoke units available, but I really don’t have that sort of money to throw around, utilitarian is what I need, something functional will do me just fine.

I did an IKEA search a few weeks ago and found the perfect unit, except it didn’t seem to be available in the UK, so I may have to go to my nearest store armed with a record and find something that it will fit into that also allows me to put my turntable and amp on the top.

Just as a point of interest, this photograph was taken while listening to ‘Breakfast In America’ by Supertramp. You can see the cover on the left.

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