Month: September 2015

What’s in the bag? (85)

On the day this album was released I was in Leamington Spa, which in 1988 had three record stores, and I managed to pick up a copy for the going rate of £4.99. We had an Our Price, Woolworths and an independent. I forget what the independent was called, Sound something or other, it was…

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New Theme

Trying out a new blog theme. I may choose some others as well to see how they go. This one is ‘Publication’. There is no good reason for the inclusion of the picture of Sigur Ros

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What’s in the Bag? (84)

BoC’s second studio album, Geogaddi, was released in 2002. I had it on MP3 for years and turned to it when I needed to concentrate on something, not because it is background music, but because I had come to know it so well. As I have fallen back into the habit of buying vinyl I decided…

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What’s in the bag? (83)

A couple of weeks ago I was rooting through the crates of used vinyl in my local record store and I found ELO – Out of the Blue, an album that, as a child, I had really wanted but couldn’t afford. As a double it was out of my price range (I would have been…

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