What’s in the bag? (76)

51DOVvSo3DL._SX425_I was in town today and popped into Seismic Records (seismicrecords.co.uk) to have a look around. I’ve only been in a couple of times but have found something I want both times, so I shall pop in a little more regularly (it is also the ticket office for Leamington Assembly). To save me browsing, the owner was happy to do a database search for me to see what was in stock. I asked for a few things and one that came up was ‘Sapphire’ by John Martyn from 1984. A deluxe re-issue which has a second LP of remixes and a few live tracks. I’m listening to side one of the extras now and I like it. It’s the non-acoustic later career style, quite polished, but he still has his voice, which I’ve always liked. The album was recorded at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas and CaVa Sound workshops, Glasgow, Scotland. Originally released on LP by Island, with cover photography by Anton Corbijn and a cover illustration by Cathie Felstead. Apparently Robert Palmer assisted in the later stages of the recording.

The track listing of the original disc:

Disc: 1
1. Sapphire
2. Over The Rainbow
3. You Know
4. Watching Her Eyes
5. Fisherman’s Dream
6. Acid Rain
7. Mad Dog Days
8. Climb The Walls
9. Coming In On Time
10. Rope-Soul’d

and the extras disk:
1. Sapphire
2. Watching Her Eyes
3. Acid Rain
4. Climb The Walls
5. Coming In On Time
6. Rope-Soul’d
7. Love In Your Life
8. Fisherman’s Dream
9. Mad Dog Days (Live)
10. Fisherman’s Dream (Live)
11. Over The Rainbow (Live)