Month: November 2015

What’s in the bag? (92)

I was delighted to find an old copy of one of my favourite Dylan albums in the used vinyl crate at Head records in Leamington Spa. ‘Bringing it all back home’ is from that period when Dylan turned electric and received rather a lot of abuse for doing so, however, I’ve always thought this was…

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Pledge Music – Gary Numan

Yesterday I signed up to Pledge Music to pre-order the Gary Numan album that will be released in about a years time. I went for the double vinyl, with extra track, which comes with a download code, so the best of both really. You also receive an access pass for updates on album progress. Below…

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Some time ago I did some Spotify ‘Now! That’s what I call music’ playlists based on them being pre 1983, when the first Now! appeared. It’s what I think would be on them if they had existed earlier. They are all collated on a new page here: NOW! I went back into the seventies over…

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