Month: December 2015

What’s In The Bag? (98)

I spent a good half an hour on ebay looking for a reasonably priced copy of ‘The Crossing’ by Big Country before giving up, then, today, I was flicking through my albums looking for something else and there it was, and now I’m listening to it and it’s great. Saved myself at least £10 there…

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What’s in the bag? (97)

I only own one Motorhead album, and that’s it up there. I’ve always liked them though as they bridged a gap between Rock and Punk when I was listening to both. I did have ‘Bomber’ and ‘No Sleep ’till Hammersmith’ at one point but I’ve no idea what the hell happened to them, lost over…

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What’s In The Bag? (96)

Having received some vouchers for Christmas I headed off to the boxing day sale yesterday where everything except vinyl was on offer, which was a shame, but I had vouchers so anything I decided to get was essentially free anyway. I bought 6 albums, and this is the first of that 6, ‘White Chalk’ by…

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