FTLOVR – Tonight!

On the assumption that everything goes well, tonight will be the inaugural broadcast of the ‘For The Love Of Vinyl Radio Show’ which will include occasional interludes by a stuttering buffoon (me). It should start at 20:00 GMT tonight, which is 2 or 3 in the afternoon in the US I think. You can listen online or from any app that streams shoutcast broadcasts, I listened last night on my phone to a test broadcast and it worked really well.

I was, however, having some streaming problems last night but hopefully that was just a temporary thing and I did manage to equal the record for most ever listeners, which is 4, including me. Tonight I’m hoping for 5, because you have to dream big, right?

If you do have an opportunity, do listen in for a bit, even if only to troll me about it later, that’s fine. And feel free to share the link to it and let other people know, this is the link:

For The Love Of Vinyl Radio

If you follow the link then you’ll find a chat option there, on the top right, I’ll be on that from 20:00 and throughout the broadcast so do say hi, or anything else you like really or you can post here or on facebook/twitter, I’ll receive messages from all these sources. Which reminds me, I did create a facebook page specifically for this which you can follow by ‘Liking’, apologies that there isn’t a ‘Dislike’ button there.