Getting to grips with the Radio

I did a test broadcast yesterday, which I found rather difficult as the microphone I am using picks up everything, even the tiniest sounds, there’s also some latency in the feed to the headphones so I hear myself back about 1 second after I have spoken, which, if I remember rightly, results in people just making random noises rather than actual words, it messes with your brain, so that could happen. I’ve looked everywhere to find something that turns of the feed to the headphones from the Mic but have come up blank.

I already have verbalisation issues as I was told yesterday that I pause an awful lot, which I do I guess, but it’s only to momentarily gather my thoughts before proceeding, I guess it can be a little annoying for other folk when they don’t know if I’m actually at the end of a sentence or not yet. Ah well, it is what it is, while I’m sure it’s possible to change the way one speaks, I have no intention of doing so.

I have a load of tracks sorted and will be playing them on the fly, so each one has to be loaded up before it will play. This shouldn’t be a problem as I have up to 6 Virtual Turntables, but am only planning on using 2. The software allows me to do all sports like beat matching, scratching, applying effects, but I’m not going to touch any of that as I don’t really have much idea of what I’m doing. Pressing play and turning the Mic on and off is about my level right now. I think it automatically records any broadcast as well so I can easily re-transmit the whole thing as well.
Thursday at 20:00 GMT is when it kicks off. At 21:00 (Approx) there will be ‘Select A Song’ where the most requested David Bowie song will be played, I have all the official releases so be as obscure as you like. If nobody requests one, I’ll just pick it myself. Comment anywhere I’ll see it or message if you’d like to nominate a track.

Hopefully see you Thursday, here:

For The Love Of Vinyl Radio