FTLOV RADIO – Post Mortem on Last night

Well it was fun, for me at least and I’m not remotely concerned with how many people were listening, I chatted away for the first 15 minutes with no listeners whatsoever, no problem.

I learned a lot:

  • Check the Mic levels (it was a bit quiet at times)
  • Remember to switch the mic on/off
  • Have the next track ready, don’t try and do it while talking
  • Latency in the headphones is a BIG issue, if your speech in the headphones is behind your actual voice it turns your brain to mush and makes you incapable of properly forming words.
  • Sometimes MP3 Files end rather abruptly
  • NEVER start to eat a chocolate digestive biscuit when a track is about to end, NEVER
  • The volume of tea you drink is directly proportionate to the number of times you will have to urinate.

So I will return at 20:00 next Thursday but this time I will remember to press the ‘Rec’ button so the whole thing is saved and I can re-broadcast or maybe make some kind of podcast.

The show was 2 Hours and 45 minutes long, which went quite quickly but I was beginning to get tired towards the end. That seems about the right length, give or take 15 minutes. For next week I am going to do a poll, a listeners choice sort of thing, I’ll post it a bit later.

Thanks again to anybody who gave up their time to spend it with me.