The Demise of FTLOV Radio

Well I tried, and I did rather enjoy doing it, but I spend a lot of time preparing the shows and when I find there isn’t anybody listening, not even friends and family, then it’s just verbal masturbation and time to give up.

Thanks to those few who spent a little time with me. I may pick it up again, who knows, but for now at least, that’s the end of this little project.


  1. Mark

    Hi Verian. Greetings from Canada.

    I was able to listen to the archive edition of your program #6. It’s quite good, and I hope you aren’t discouraged so much that you discontinue your efforts. I used to do community radio here in Calgary (from 2-6am on Tuesdays) before retreating to the relatively more sane world of podcasting. And while I do miss the live aspect of broadcasting, producing the podcast scratches the same itch I have to share interesting music. Plus I can do things at a more civilized hour and reach more potential listeners.

    If I can share my experiences, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Best of luck going forward.

    Mark (

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