Month: March 2016

The Sugarcubes (Videos)

And following on from the top 38 Bjork songs in the last post, here is the best of The Sugarcubes. I remember well walking into Our Price in Leamington Spa on the day ‘Life’s Too good’ was released and hearing it play in the store. I asked the guy behind the counter what it was…

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Top 25 Bjork Songs

Ahhh lists, entirely subjective lists, they are a thing, a thing I seem to be doing rather a lot lately, but what the hell, everybody loves a good list. So here is a list of the top 25 Bjork songs (at this point, it could be longer by the time I get to the end).…

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Top 25 Rush Songs

This began as a Top 10, but I couldn’t manage it and ended up at 23, then things got out of hand and the Top 25 I was aiming for doubled. These are from my perspective and there are probably some notable omissions that, if I’d thought of them, should have been included. Anyway, here…

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