4 Albums: Number 3

In hindsight I realise it is a bit odd to talk about 4 albums that I listened to on Monday when I’ve listened to several others since. Why these 4, why this day, just why? Well, I think it is due to the diversity of the music somehow combining into a complete listening experience. So far there was Fp-Oner with  “6” (2015)  and Oval with “94Diskont” (1995), Deep house and then, I guess, glitch, so what comes next? The answer is a film soundtrack from all the way back in 1971.

‘Lizard In A Womans Skin’ (Una Lucertola Con La Pelle Di Donna) is a film by Lucio Fulci about a woman tormented by strange, drug-induced hallucinations who finds her fantasies giving way to violent reality. Here, for your enjoyment, is a trailer for the film:

Yeah, I know, that’s some crazy shit, right?

It is scored by Ennio Morricone and that in itself was a good enough reason for me to buy my own copy on vinyl. Whilst I have the standard and not the deluxe edition, it still IMG_2282Enniohas one record on transparent blue and the other on transparent green. The gatefold sleeve also houses a poster of the cover art and liner notes from Andrea Morandi and Stephen Thrower. It’s a beautiful thing as you can see from the picture of it playing on my turntable.

A press release notes that Morricone’s work on Una Lucertola Con La Pelle Di Donna mixes elements of funk and jazz with “increasingly uncomfortable effects.” To highlight the film’s “hedonistic nightmares” and “narcotic-fuelled orgies,” the master composer employed the vocals of regular collaborator Edda dell’Orso and “eerie woodwinds” that come across “like coyote howls.”

The album was re-released by Deathwatch Recording Company and they’ve done a really great job of it. They have a load of great soundtracks available on their site, but not this one I notice, so it may no longer be in print but it is still available at various places online, I got mine from Amazon.

Side 1:
1. La lucertola
2. Magia nera
3. Giorno di notte
4. La lucertola
5. Che strano
6. Mimetizzata

Side 2:
7. Notte di giorno
8. Sfinge
9. Spostato ad est
10. A Lucio Fulci
11. Spiriti
12. Ancora ad est

Side 3:
13. Sole sulla pelle
14. Nenia per una bambola
15. Che strano – II version
16. Giorno di notte
17. Sfinge
18. Fondate paure

Side 4:
19. Mimetizzata
20. A Lucio Fulci
21. La lucertola
22. Che strano
23. Notte di giorno
24. La lucertola

The above video is one that somebody has stitched together from the film and uses one piece from the soundtrack. It’s well worth a listen as it gives a flavour of the soundtrack as a whole.

When it comes to Film scores Morricone is almost certainly the most accomplished but, as a record collector, how could anybody ever hope to have a copy of each of his works, with there being over 500 and the majority being out of print. I have 5, which is only 1%, so I doubt I’ll actively try and complete a collection, but I will always be keeping my eye out for them.

This particular album was a very nice gift from two of my favourite people.