Record Fair: Custard Factory, Birmingham

Yesterday I went to the Custard Factory in Birmingham for a record fair, although that wasn’t my sole reason for the trip, I did sort of time it so that I could escape the trauma of the Bull Ring for a couple of hours on my own with crates of records. I was a little disappointed when I  arrived as there weren’t as many stalls as I was expecting and quite a few were £1 and album or 6 for £10 and suchlike. This is fine, but they are generally things I’m not looking for or are in shoddy condition (not always but mostly). As I walked in I thought I’d do a quick video lap and you can see the exact point where I spotted something I wanted, right at the end where I’m about to complete the lap and veer back to the right.

This was the only stall I bought anything from. The seller had an entire crate of Ennio Morricone soundtracks and and if I’d had the budget I would have bought the entire crate. Unfortunately I was not that flush with money so I did have to be quite selective and the first I bought was the first I saw. This is it, you can see it at the front of the crate in the video:


And here is the back cover:


You may recognise Joan Baez who performs on the soundtrack. So this is an Italian film, or Docudrama if you like, called ‘Sacco E Vanzetti’, written and directed by Giuliano Montaldo that premiered in Italy on 16 March 1971.The story is based on the events surrounding the trial and judicial execution of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, two anarchists of Italian origin, who were sentenced to death by a United States court in the 1920s. The film’s musical score was composed and conducted by Ennio Morricone with the three-part ballad sung by Joan Baez. The film is mainly shot in colour although it both starts and finishes in black and white, and also includes period black and white newsreels.

Label: RCA ‎– NL 33206
Series: Cinema Tre – HKAY 34524
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
Country: Italy
Released: 1979
Genre: Electronic, Jazz, Stage & Screen

Style: Soundtrack, Experimental, Easy Listening

Next purchase was ‘Marco Polo’ which is a 1982 TV series I’ve never seen but it has a good cast:

Kenneth Marshall, Denholm Elliott, Tony Vogel, F. Murray Abraham, Anne Bancroft, John Gielgud, John Houseman, Burt Lancaster, Tony Lo Bianco, Ian McShane, Leonard Nimoy, David Warner, James Hong & Ying Ruocheng.

I only know the main theme but I’m very much looking forward to giving this album a spin and hearing the rest.


Label: Arista ‎– AL-8304, Arista ‎– AL 8304
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold
Country: US
Released: 1982
Genre: Classical
Style: Modern, Contemporary

The third soundtrack was for another Italian Film, this one called “La Banquière” (Lady Banker) from 1980 I think.


Label: Général Music France ‎– 803 015
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold
Country: France
Released: 1980
Genre: Stage & Screen
Style: Soundtrack

Here is a bit of the film itself:

I bought this particular soundtrack for budget reasons, namely that it wasn’t expensive, but you can usually be pretty confident that there will be something worth having on any Morricone soundtrack. I wasn’t wrong, the opening track, ‘Dédicace’ is really quite lovely, so much so that I recorded the first couple of minutes as it played on my deck. It needs a little clean to see if I can get rid of some of the pops and crackles but it is very quiet at times so that does happen. Have a listen.

I have one other but I’ll talk about that in my next post.