Thirty Three And A Third

I’ve had a bit of a change by upgrading my account and removing ads. I’ve also changed the template so it all looks a bit different. This also means I can upload audio and video directly, so I’ll have a go at that at some point.

I’m hoping to stream a weekly radio show again when I get the equipment sorted. Getting the equipment sorted is actually more difficult than I would like, the soundcard on my laptop is completely dead and the cost of replacing it is about the cost of a new laptop so I haven’t bothered, however, I have one of these:



And it should do the job, I just need a headset mic to replace the one I misguidedly bought last week (it’s bluetooth, the lag is ridiculous).

Also, I have changed the title of the site to ‘Thirty Three And A Third’ complete with a domain name, so now gets you here.