Apple Music – I hate you, but I love you, but I hate you

ituneslogo-400I have a subscription to Apple Music mostly because of my son, who wanted to switch from Spotify about 2 years ago. It had benefits as at the time the Spotify ‘Family’ bundle was for 1 extra user where as the Apple Family bundle was for 5 extra users, for about the same price.

The problem I have with Apple music is how it is periodically shit. I went through several iterations of all my downloads and all my playlists disappearing and syncing with ITunes on a MacBook did nothing to fix this. So I would dutifully add everything again, download everything again and then a couple of days later it would all disappear again. The problem is entirely fictitious and exists only in my own mind of course, I know this to be fact because Apple Support told me, in a very ‘First Name Use I’m Your Buddy Just Trying To Help Here My Friend’ kind of way that it was so. Then, it sort of stopped. I wasn’t losing the albums or playlists, they were just un-downloading themselves, and then. over 4 or 5 months there was just the odd one now and again that was un-downloading itself. So I loved Apple Music for a while as when I wanted to listen to something it was there, until this week.

This week, Apple Music refused to stay open. It would pop up with chirpy ‘Hi there friend, what shall we listen to today?’ and then just as quickly ‘Bye Bye’. The app would minimise, not close, minimise. Open it, same ‘Hi’, same ‘Bye Bye’. This went on for three day and I couldn’t find a fix online for it that worked for me. Then, hurrah, an Operating System update, ‘That will fix it’ I thought having learned nothing from experience.

It did, it bloody well did. I had everything I wanted at my finger tips, result! And then it was gone. All downloads, all playlists, everything in the library, gone, and there has been no way of getting it back.

Solution: My phone was due for an upgrade and rather than get a new phone I reduced the monthly subscription, got 4 times the data allowance and a 1 year subscription to Spotify for £43 less than I was paying. Fuck you Apple Music, Fuck you!

Also, fuck you James Corden.

I feel a bit better now, please accept my apologies for my behavior (Not you Corden).