Vinyl Moon – Volume 027: Skyride

The first album received as part of a new subscription with Vinyl Moon arrived last week. I thought I’d actually give it a bit of a listen before commenting on it, that’s only fair, though the first thing that has to be mentioned is that for international subscribers it is quite expensive at $39 (which today is equivalent to £29.14).

The album arrived in a nice custom mailer and, apart from a very slight ding in one of the corners of the cover, everything was fine. I opened it all up and, just as I had expected, there had been a lot of attention to detail when creating this release. The cover was a glossy gatefold with a embossed title, inside there was a die-cut art insert along with a lyrics and info booklet. The vinyl itself was, transparent blue, or translucent marbled sky blue officially. It all looked rather nice. Here is an image swiped directly from the Vinyl Moon site due to my inherent laziness:


Looks nice doesn’t it? It does, but the more important thing is what is actually on it, well, here is the tracklist with some of the tracks available for you to have a listen to (but not all of them as some just aren’t available online at all):

Side A

thanks. – Chacho Song
Motherhood – Save Me

Sam Frankl – Gold Rush

Strangelove – From Heights

Plastic Picnic – Bite

Side B

Glassio – Papaya
Ella Rae – Someone Else

Williott – Back of the Prius

Mørk – See You Dance

Skela – Secret

I would suspect that many of the above artists are completely unknown to most people, myself included, but that is sort of the point of the whole series. It is analogue music discovery, which is a nice idea and I do really like most of the tracks , particularly the opener by thanks. who have almost no online presence and, as far as I can tell, this track is their only release.


I have paid for the next one, so I’ll wait and see what’s on that before deciding whether to continue with the subscription, I’d like to, it is just the cost that is putting me off. All in all pretty much a success this one, it is an interesting and different concept.