New Years Resolutions

January 2nd. Done.

Following the great December shelf collapse a solution was required, and quickly. I don’t usually make new year resolutions but I did, just this once, and it was to sort out the storage situation for my records. Subject to a bit of decorating and some dusting, its done thanks to a trip to Ikea and a hernia inducing trip back to the car, I have some Kallax shelving.


There are about 1500 records there, which are sorted alphabetically by band/artist. I still need to distribute them a little better, just move everything along a bit, but my back and knees have had enough for now. A far better idea is to put a record on and write this while having a nice sit down.


I’m on the look out for some replacement speakers as well, when I have a spare bit of cash, as children’s fingers did some prodding years ago and damaged these, they sound ok though.