Prins Thomas – Principe Del Norte

I have never heard of Prins Thomas, in my defence though, he has almost certainly never heard of me either. I was in the Dance/Electronica section of the record store, a favourite section, and there was this album:


The album is set across 8 sides of vinyl and comes with a CD version on 2 discs. SO that is 4 records and 2 CD’s, going for the princely sum of £10. Well I thought that worth looking into.

Prins Thomas is a Norwegian electronic dance music producer and DJ whose space disco style is a melange of disco, houseminimal techno, electro, Krautrock, jazz fusion, space rock and more. Born Thomas Moen Hermansen and based in Oslo, Norway, he initially made a name for himself as Prins Thomas in the mid-2000s in collaboration with Lindstrøm.

Really? well OK then. At this point I am wandering around the shop, still looking for things but carrying the album around with me. Still undecided but looking up things on my phone. I found it on Apple Musioc and decided to have a quick preview but the reception was awful, so that was a no go. It was at this point I remembered that the shop was doing a 20% of absolutely everything sale, so it was only actually £8. I bought it, I thought it worth the risk.

As I had the CD’s I popped one in the CD player when I got to the car and the 20 minute drive home was an absolute delight and, more importantly, I was feeling rather pleased with myself as I very much liked what I was hearing. I am repeating this again, but it is appropriate to do so, I like repetition, in Music that is. It is why I like so much instrumental music, including kosmische Musik, I like to get into a groove and stick with it and this album does that.

Feel free to have yourself a listen, but be patient, it is an hour long and it is worth a full listen:

This is the fourth solo release from Thomas, which I think translates from Spanish as ‘Prince of the North’, why Spanish I have no idea, and I’ve read that it is ‘an album of instrumentals influenced by 90’s ambient music‘. Which it may well be, and I can hear some of that in it but for me it is an escape of sorts, allowing, as it does, the mind to get rather caught up in it and drift from thought to thought quite naturally. That is a big positive for me and I enjoyed this album a lot.

The tracks are titled after the sides of the records so they don’t really give very much away:


A1 – A1
A2 – A2

B – B

C – C

D – D

E – E

F – F

G – G

H – H

That has to be the most pointless track list I have ever typed.

Rating: 8.8