Discogs Decides

The Discogs App random record selector today chose this:


So that is exactly what I am listening to because I am obedient and do what I’m told by simple computer programs.


A1 Redshape Instrument (Redshape Remix)
A2 Marvin & Guy Un-no (Marvin & Guy Brown Eyes Remix)
B1 Lee Gamble Brainwash (Lee Gamble Reconstruction)
B2 Dark Sky (2) Translate (Dark Sky ‘Psych’ Remix
C1 Vril (2) Paralyzer (VRIL Remix)
C2 Marvin & Guy Un-no (Marvin & Guy Blue Eyes Remix)
D1 Dark Sky (2) Translate (Dark Sky “Pressure” Remix
D2 Marvin & Guy Un-no (Marvin & Guy Black Eyes Remix)
D3 Beatrice Dillon Infinity (Beatrice Dillon Remix)

Secretly Canadian RSD 2017 release.