Charity Shop Adventures – This is ridiculous

The last time I posted about charity shop purchases was August 17th 2019, which is roughly 3 months ago. I just checked and since that time I have picked up another 324 CD’s, which in itself is ok, except I don’t really have anywhere to put them. I’ve been looking for some shelving units to buy but they are either ridiculously expensive or extremely poor quality, none of them can store the quantity I need them to, like this:

These hold 84 CD’s so I need at least 18 of them (That;s £575, and I probably don’t have the wall space to put them up or the desire to drill 50 or so holes in the wall)

There are lots that will hold around 1000 but all of them have negative reviews of some sort, although several positive as well. Like the one below (£160), recesses at the end of each shelf where 6 CD spines can’t be seen, which doesn’t worry me that much, but negative reviews around assembly instructions being sadly lacking put me off a little. This one holds 1060, although 120 of them can’t be seen because of the recesses.

I’d like to custom build something that would perfectly fit the space and accomodate everything, however, I am shit at DIY so that’s a non starter.

Would this put you off buying something?

Yeah, me too. I’m going to have to have a think and figure something out.